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lego lego my snoopy and kitty

N early two years have passed , since I posted my pictures
of MOCs (my own creations) to LUGNET
for the first time.
In the early years , my LEGO related web site only has got
a LEGO train MOCs, but I
have created some MOCs, such as
sculptures, as well .
So I decided to share and make a complately new

web pages from Masayuki's LEGO train spirit.

I have post to LUGNET when I finish building MOC,
so I think some people might know about me

but here you can find some MOCs which I never posted
to LUGNET because they are a little strange and cruel. :-)

So please enjoy and share the building pleasure of LEGO brics with me.

B TW, sometimes I have asked from people in US,
about the LEGO related situation in Japan.

As a founder of EJLTC(East Japan Lego Train Club) , I have seen many
Japanese AFOLs(adult fan of Lego)

but they hardly write , read , and post to LUGNET.
There are little people who makes good MOCs in Japan.

Most of them, are simply the big fan of LEGO wears .:-)

This web site will bring you not only my pictures of MOCs,
also some news of Japanese LEGO related


Have fun !!!!!!

may the imagination be with you...........
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